Sleep…much needed sleep!!

07 Mar

We slept in today, due to going to our church service last night, as mentioned in last night’s post. I’m not sure why exactly, but I’ve been waking up as of late to some nightmares. This is a very rare thing for me, as I almost never even remember my dreams, let alone wake up because of them! This time around I dreamt that I was with Rochelle & her family at her grandpa’s house in western Illinois (picture a ranch house, with corn planted just about all around it, with the closest neighbor (which happens to be a retreat house) about 300 yards away). For some reason, I was being attacked outside by a wolf. In the process of escaping it, I got indoors…but so did the wolf. In the house, there are some full length sliding window doors that I (along with my wife, Rochelle’s mom and Rochelle’s grandpa) was able to get behind without the wolf coming in. However, the wolf was still in an attack mode and lunged several times at us. Somehow, we got ourselves a handgun and I was able to get around the wolf and shoot it multiple times as it leapt at me.

Odd right? Anyone want to take a stab at why I was having this bad dream…or why it woke me up at 4 am? I’m baffled.

Well, here’s to hoping that the rest of today is much better!!

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