Is it Friday…err…Saturday yet?

10 Mar

Wow…yes, I know it’s only Wednesday, but this week has hit me like a ton of bricks. I will have to admit that the overwhelming reason has been the stress at work. I’ve already gone into why Monday was to be stressful in a previous post, however I didn’t yet confirm it…but will now: it was busy…VERY busy.

Don’t get me wrong, stress can be a good thing. Yes, you read that right…it can be a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with the heart pumping a little harder than normal…we just need to make sure that stress isn’t the norm in our lives. Unfortunately, this week has not been the week to start working on reducing the amount of stress in my life. There are details that I could get into, but I think that generically speaking, any time a database of information goes ‘down’ or the program is updated without some of the data being transferred, there can be mass confusion and a lot of stress!! So far, both has happened this week, so life hasn’t been grand to say the least.

On the positive note, Rochelle looked great going to the Oscar party, hosted by one of my high school classmates. She had a lot of fun too (just as I told her she would) and is probably planning to watch potential Oscar nominated films for next year’s party (Rochelle was in a 3-way tie for her Oscar predictions). It was a late night though, as we didn’t get to sleep till sometime past 1am.

Tuesday night was unique in that we stopped by my mom’s place to watch the kids of one of my brothers for a few hours. My brother has his own construction business and is putting his skills to work on my mom’s kitchen…the transformation thus far is amazing! This is the house I grew up in and it looks SOOOOO different!! If any of my siblings are reading this…wow, you won’t believe your eyes!

Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a few days…again, I’m not the most active writer out there, though I do admit that being able to start writing down my thoughts have helped me, I think, to sort of open my mind to other potential blog opportunities. It’s also helped me at work try and write these ‘product briefs’ that we’ve been assigned to write (though none of us have written one before). We’ve been pointed to what a ‘product brief’ is supposed to look like, but looking it up online gives me a different answer each time…as though there is no template for it. Oh well…we’ll get through it I’m sure. I just pray that the fun comes back to our workplace…and soon.

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