Only 23 hours today…

14 Mar

due to Daylight Saving Time. Notice that I didn’t write “Savings”. Did you know that “Savings” is grammatically incorrect? I know that it sounds correct…but it’s not.

So what are you going to do with this shortened weekend? Rochelle & I slept in on Saturday (which was REALLY nice after an exhausting week) but plan on waking up early on Sunday to help out at church. Afterwards, we may watch a little NCAA basketball (I’ve been doing that a lot as of late), but I’ll definitely be watching the selection show Sunday afternoon, which should start at 6pm Eastern. Who will be in…who will be out? We’ll find out shortly!

Sometimes I think that the more I watch NCAA games, the less I correctly predict the outcome of the games. Now, granted, sometimes it helps. For example, Purdue looked horrible Saturday against Minnesota. Apparently their star player is hurt and it affected them greatly. Purdue will be in the tournament, but if they play like they did against Minnesota, expect a very early exist for Purdue, no matter the seed they end up with.

The thing to keep in mind is that at any given moment, a no-name team can play bigger than they’re expected to and beat a Goliath of a team. It has happened before and will, more than likely, happen again. The media likes to call these teams ‘Cinderella’ teams. I’m guessing these teams don’t like to be called that because the implication is that at some point, the clock will strike midnight and their run will be over. Whatever you call them, these teams can either give you excitement or heartache. Happy watching!

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