This week…

27 Mar

has been really crazy at work, so I haven’t had much of an opportunity to write anything this week for a Soapbox Saturday post. I’m hoping that my busyness will decrease, but I’m hearing talks of a LOT of work coming down the pipe, so I’m guessing that won’t happen anytime soon.

One of the things that’ll change this week is that a gym (LA Fitness) will be opening on April 1st near my work. A few months ago, a salesman from LA Fitness came to our work and sold the company on buying memberships for all the employees to be able to exercise at any LA Fitness. The company bit and some of my coworkers have been working out at other LA Fitness locations. Because the other locations are out-of-the-way for me, I decided on waiting until the location near work opened up to use the membership. That day…is fast approaching.

I really want to work out…I think I even have in mind a routine of sorts. I was running last year on my own through the streets of my neighborhood, but found that the hills made the run very exhausting. It also got painful and a bit boring, to be honest. I was attempting to train for a 5k run (my 1st ever) at my church. Little did I know when I started it that they had already cancelled the 5k run, due to lack of volunteers.  Maybe I’ll get to run it this year? We’ll see, but getting in shape will help…and I can start all that next week. My thinking is that I can mix things up to keep from getting bored. For example, weight lifting on Tuesdays and Thursday’s, swimming on Wednesdays and running on Mondays and Fridays. Maybe substitute a shoot around the basketball court for the swimming. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing, but I’d rather not just go there for one thing and not try to confuse my muscles.

Anywho…I hope to have a ‘soapbox Saturday’ post soon. I even know what I want to write about, but haven’t found the time and/or the resources to really dive into it.

By the way, have you all checked out the ‘media’ page? I’ve embedded some videos that I made in previous years here. I uploaded them all to You Tube, but they rejected them because of length in one of the videos and because of copyrighted material in another. Anywho, I hope you enjoy them. Oh and leave feedback too!

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