Medical update…

13 May

I just realized that I haven’t shared anything medically related yet on this blog. Not that I necessarily NEED to, but I figured that since I can and would be able to rely on what I’ve written down on this blog vs. trying to rely on my memory to recall what happened when…that I should.

So here goes nothing…

I’ve been dizzy as of late. Yeah, I know…ground-breaking stuff, right? Problem is that I’ve been dizzy for a few months now…and with varying degrees of severity. Some days, it’s really intense and very rarely it’s hardly noticeable (today was one of those days). I have gotten REALLY dizzy after exercising a few times (both times after working out at the gym). When I first started noticing the dizziness, it was an intense feeling of the room spinning (vertigo) when I lay down to sleep. That (fortunately) has gone away, but for the most part, there’s a slight bit of dizziness all the time for me.

It may have something to do with my ears. I have done a little research and know that ear infections can cause dizziness. Add to this that I have a tendency to pull on my ears to relieve some of the pain that I’ve felt. Have I gone to the doctor to verify? Obviously, if I’m talking about it here, I have not. I need to…I know I need to. But that brings up another painful topic: my doctor(s). Yup…plural. See, I have one doc that’s closer to home and one that’s really close to work. With a daily commute of about 1 hour in either direction, you can see why having a doc near both locations would be desirable. However, neither one have left me very secure about their medical knowledge. And the biggest bummer with the doctor near my work is that when I last got bloodwork done there, it cost a LOT!! I was shocked at how much, really.

So, I’m left with a query: Go to doc A near my home (with my schedule and his schedule, I’d only be able to see him every other Saturday), go to doc B near work (and who knows what the bill would be with any lab work), search for a new doc, use an “immediate care” service or maybe try the Minute Clinic from CVS or the Walgreens version. I’m leaning towards the last choice, as I don’t need an appointment and it’s something that should be easy to diagnose (if I do indeed have an ear infection). If it’s not an ear infection, then I guess one of the 2 docs will have to do.

Well…I guess that this should suffice for my first entry. If anyone has an idea of what I may be going through, please pass it along!!

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One response to “Medical update…

  1. Christina T

    May 14, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    You could always look up your symptoms on WebMD before you go to the Minute Clinic but self diagnosis isn’t very accurate. Reneta once thought she was seriously ill after looking up symptons online but it turned out to be symptoms of eating Escolar (nasty oily fish-never eat it if you can help it!) Hope you feel better soon.


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