Medical Update #2…

22 May

This morning I FINALLY went to my doctor about my earaches/dizziness fun that I’ve been having the last few months. After explaining my symptoms and doing some tests, the results…well, he doesn’t know. He did notice some irritation in the back of my throat and wondered if I’ve had some phlegm backup. He recommended taking some Mucinex DM to loosen that up. As for the ear thing, he said that I could try seeing a ENT (Ear/Nose/Throat) guy, but he didn’t know if anything would come out of that.

So, if anything, I think I just came out of this morning’s visit with the following assessment: No ear infection…we think.

I’ll see if there’s really a need to see an ENT guy. I think I’ll attempt to switch out my pillow at night and see if there’s a difference by doing so first.

However, I do think that I need to start up my exercising again, as I put that on hold till I figured out what was wrong with my situation (mainly because I got REALLY dizzy after swimming & running on the treadmill at the gym).

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