SS#4: The Arizona Immigration Bill…

22 May

is getting a lot of heat in the press as of late. We’ve heard it mentioned in the Miss America pageant in the Q & A section, by the Presidents of the United States and Mexico and locally (in Chicagoland) by the assistant superintendant of Highland Park’s school district. Since the last point is the closest (at least in proximity) to me, I’ll focus on this instance.

On my way to work, I typically listen to WLS AM, which for the most part has conservative talk as it’s programming. Although I don’t whole heartedly support one of the shows, there are several I do support (Sean Hannity, Cisco Cotto, Don Wade & Roma). Yes, Rush is on this station as well, but I’m typically working through the program so I don’t get a chance to listen.

For the past week or two, talk has centered around a girls basketball team in Highland Park that had earned the right to play some sort of tournament in Arizona in the fall. Not only did these girls play their hearts out to get to this point (so I heard), they also earned the money on their own (through things like bake sales) to transport the team to Arizona. Did they jump the gun? Apparently so. Because the assistant superintendant notified them at some point that they weren’t allowed to go. Why? Well, at the outset, the reason wasn’t clear. Later we found out that the judgment was handed down due to the new law that was passed in Arizona. You’d think that the reason the assistant superintendant’s reason for doing this was for the safety of the girls that are currently on the team. You’d be wrong. For fear that the new law would make ‘racial profiling’ legal, the girls were told not to go this year, because the girls on next year’s team may include girls that may not be technically legal.


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Oh, and it gets better. Apparently, this same school has to have all out-of-country trips approved by the school board. And, they have granted trips in the past. Ummmm, can someone remind me what one needs in order to get out of the country again? Oh, that’s right, a passport!! Last time I checked, illegal aliens couldn’t get a US Passport!!

So here’s the irony…because the assistant superintendant was afraid of that ‘racial profiling’ would occur, girls (who couldn’t go on school trips due to their illegal resident status) can’t go to Arizona and the school is guilty of discrimination by attempting to send illegal aliens out of the country on school trips. Oi, what a headache!

So, there’s a big to-do about this law. What does it say exactly? Don’t ask the attorney general of the US…he apparently hasn’t read it yet, but has decided to make plenty of comments about what it says, based on what he’s heard on TV & the radio. So, I decided that I’d one-up him and read it myself. I must say that legalese tends to make me go to sleep and this law is no different. However, it begins by describing it’s intent:

Section 1. Intent
The legislature finds that there is a compelling interest in the cooperative enforcement of federal immigration laws throughout all of Arizona. The legislature declares that the intent of this act is to make attrition through enforcement the public policy of all state and local government agencies in Arizona. The provisions of this act are intended to work together to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the United States.

If I’m reading this correctly, this new law is attempting to combine the efforts of both federal and local law officials in order to secure our borders. While I was reading this, I was having a difficult time trying to figure out why there is so much fuss about the rest of this law. No where in it does is talk about ‘racial profiling’. It does, however, talk about having local law officials do their jobs to enforce laws that already exist. I can only speculate that the reason local law officials were given the authority to enforce federal laws was because they were fed up with the feds not enforcing these laws (can anyone else think of another reason??).

I have a theory as to why this law is getting so much hype. I believe that the extreme radical left was drowning in it’s own misery over the nation’s awareness that the recently passed health care law would do nothing that our representatives in Congress (and the President) said it would. There was so much of an out-cry from it’s passing, that the immediate thinking was that every one of those that signed the bill would be voted out of office in their next election. So, in order to get the nation’s focus off the extreme left, the extreme left points the finger and attacks the right (in some cases, without even reading the bill). What hurts matters is when media covers groups that are protesting the Arizona law. What are the odds that over 90% of those protestors haven’t read the law? My guess is that it’s pretty good, but you’ll never hear any reporter ask a protestor that question. Why? If they do, the TV watcher will soon realize from their answer that this protest has no merit and it would die. Instead, the protest continues…sometimes at very odd locations (such as Wrigley field, attempting to have the Cubs move their spring training facility out of Arizona).

Ok, I’ve ranted on long enough. Clearly this issue won’t be resolved in one day or by one person. I’m curious to see how this issue will end up…especially when I hear that over 60% of Americans agree with the law, yet the majority of the democrats in Washington are in favor of repealing it. If the democrats continue to reject the will of the people, aren’t they really just ‘biting the hand that feeds them’? There’s an easy way to fix that…VOTE THEM OUT!!!



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