Went to a funeral…

26 May

on Sunday, but not your ‘typical’ funeral by any stretch of the imagination. As I’ve stated in previous posts, our church is digging into the book of Revelation, verse by verse. Well, we’ve been waist-deep into it the last few weeks that our pastor thought we should take a break from all the wrath, wrath, wrath that we’ve been hearing as of late. So, he started a 2 week study on forgiveness…one of the things that Christians are told to repeatedly do, but often fail at doing so.

Last week, we attended the wake. In it, our pastor showed us how God views forgiveness (forgiveness was defined as “releasing myself from the obligation that resulted from the injury that was incurred”). In order to forgive, we need to have a crisis (a point in time in which we make a decision to do something) and then there’s a process that needs to take place. When we fail at the process, we need to come back to the crisis. We were challenged to think of people that we needed to forgive, write down their name & their offense and be prepared to literally bury the offense.

The next Sunday, we brought these pieces of paper to be collected and dumped into a wooden coffin that was up front. We were told that the next day, the coffin would be buried to help us in the process of forgiving. I just got the link to what happened that day and am posting it here. I encourage you to watch.

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