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12 Jun

the oil spilling out in the Gulf of Mexico? I find it funny that so-called experts can’t narrow down exactly how much is spilling out…or even how to stop it. As one of my college professors would’ve said, “not funny ‘ha-ha’, but funny ironic.”

I’ve tried multiple times to put the live stream of the video here with no success. If you want, go here to view it live.
So, my question is, “if BP was sucking oil out of this hole, wasn’t a vacuum created and that’s why the oil is more than just ‘spilling’ out of the ocean floor?” If that’s the case, wouldn’t the simplest solution be to drill close by this leak to relieve the pressure…maybe even suck the oil out of this new hole so that the other hole can be plugged for good?

I know there are plenty of smarter people out there throwing out ideas, but it seems that nothing is working at the moment. I mean really…throwing tires, junk and cement down the hole to try and plug it up? Who’s ‘smart’ idea was that?

I’m sure it’ll all get taken care of at some point, but I hope that this one incident doesn’t give people the idea that we shouldn’t be drilling at all. We must find a way to be independent from foreign oil. Otherwise, how ‘free’ will we be when other countries hold what we need for ransom? Whether you want to admit it or not, oil is a currency.

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Posted by on June 12, 2010 in Day-to-Day, Politics



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