Hawks win!

12 Jun

Ok, so I’m not the biggest Blackhawk fan. In fact, before this season, I didn’t really care much about hockey at all. There were a few reasons for this:

  1. I didn’t understand the “offsides” call.
  2. I didn’t understand the “icing” call.
  3. I didn’t understand all the penalties.
  4. I didn’t understand how you could seemingly get away with fighting.
  5. When it was on TV, it was hard to follow the puck.
  6. It was rarely on TV.

But then, the Chicago Blackhawks started broadcasting regular season games on TV. Their record got to a point that network TV HAD to broadcast their games on the weekend. I was interested enough to start watching the games when I could (I would still prefer to watch a Bears or Cubs game if that was on at the same time however.

Then the playoffs came. I don’t know when it happened, but I got hooked. Don’t get me wrong…I still don’t understand why things like ‘offsides’ is called. I honestly think the game would be even faster if they eliminated that penalty. However, I started to find myself scheduling my evenings around their games. Rochelle, even though she’s a fan of hockey, never really got into the playoff run. I kept telling her that after the Hawks had won the Stanley Cup she would’ve  wished she had gotten into it earlier. And that’s exactly what happened.

I think I got totally hooked in game 2 of the Western Championship against San Jose. After letting 1 puck get past him, Antti Niemi was outstanding.


Last weekend, we found out that our pastor, James MacDonald, is also a Hawks fan and has been his entire life. This came as a shock to us because we had never heard of this. We heard of his allegiance to the Miami Dolphins (I still don’t understand why though) but nothing hockey related…which was strange because we knew that he was Canadian and that hockey is REALLY big in Canada. He explained that his father got team jerseys of the team that won the Stanley Cup the year that each child was born. James was born the year that the Hawks last won the cup, so he became a Hawks fan for life. Apparently he was in Philly when the Hawks won it all on Wednesday night.

Congrats Hawks! Dare I say…repeat???

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