This weekend…

13 Jun

has been a HUGE sports weekend. We had the Blackhawk parade on Friday, as well as the start of this year’s Crosstown Classic. For those that aren’t aware, this event (I’m calling each 3 game series an ‘event’) takes place twice a year now between the Cubs & the White Sox. This year, a literal cup was created to go to the winner of the 6 games.

Speaking of a cup, the Stanley Cup, as well as a bunch of a Blackhawks are at tonight’s game at Wrigley. I also heard that the Blackhawks & the Stanley Cup will be on the Tonight Show on Monday night…get your DVRs ready!

What? Something else happened on Friday? Believe you me, I could definitely care more about the World Cup (I know, people typically say ‘I could care less’ but doesn’t that mean that they cared at some point?). Honestly, I really don’t like soccer at all. To me, it’s REALLY boring. This is quite a statement from someone that loves baseball (I’ve heard it said that many don’t like baseball due to how slow the game can progress). But c’mon…that HUGE field and all those guys running around? Ho hum.

I must admit, my dislike for soccer came early on for me. I was in AWANA when we played indoor soccer. Everyone got to have a ‘turn’ playing goalie (apparently everyone wanted that position). When it was my turn, I got a ball kicked right in my face, causing a bloody nose. From there on, I hated soccer.

It’s funny though, because in high school I was REALLY good at sports, so my gym teacher (who was also my basketball coach) just assumed that I played soccer (I was almost an automatic home run whenever we played kickball in gym class, so this is where I think his thinking came from).

For those of you who are thinking that I may come around to this sport like I did with hockey…um, not going to happen. So keep your World Cup talk to yourself…I’m watching baseball.

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One response to “This weekend…

  1. Rochelle

    June 16, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Haha, love that last line 🙂

    Okay, so reasons to read your husband’s blog: learn about a childhood story that you don’t recall ever hearing before. 😉


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