Here we go again

15 Aug

Cancer. It brings shivers just hearing the word. It used to be that if you were diagnosed with cancer, it was, for all intensive purposes, a death sentence. Fortunately, modern technologies and medicines have helped our continuing battle with this condition. I struggle to call cancer a disease, because, to me a disease is something that can spread…easily and quickly…from person to person. And as far as we know, cancer doesn’t work like that.

As many of you know, my dad passed away a few years ago from prostate cancer. He battled for about 11 years before it got the best of him. His passing hit our family pretty hard, mainly because there were a lot of things that only he knew about that we were left to deal with (i.e. lots of confusion). Though it was really rough at first, we’ve settled in to our new reality. Now, just as we’re getting comfortable again, cancer has made another appearance in my family. This time, though, it’s my mom’s turn.

A few days ago, we received an email from my mom saying that she had found a lump (never a good sign) and tests had been done on it and she was waiting for the results. Last night, they came in and her doctor called her at 9:30 to let her know what they were. Stage 1 breast cancer. Boom…just like that…life as we know it will be forever changed.

The good news is that it’s stage 1 and can be treated. At this point, that’s about all we know. There’ll be an MRI to find out the extent of the cancer and then operate to…well…scoop it out. Then radiation to kill it totally. When all these events will take place will be decided in the future. For now, all we ask is for prayer.

Please pray that:

  • God’s name would be glorified through this trial.
  • Wisdom given to the doctors.
  • Strength & courage for my mom throughout.
  • A quick healing.
  • Those that are in our family that don’t know the Lord would come to the saving grace that only Jesus can provide, based on this trial.

Thanks everyone! I’ll update whenever I know something more.


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2 responses to “Here we go again

  1. Char Ruta

    August 16, 2010 at 7:05 am

    Doris- You’re in our thoughts and prayers (and you too Tim and others in the family) Call if you need anything and remember that “Greater is He that is in you than he who is in this world!”

  2. Rochelle

    August 16, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Well said honey. Sooo hard to believe this is happening but we are trusting the Lord through this!


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