21 Aug
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Maybe it’s genetic, but I’ve always felt that participating in sweepstakes was in my blood. I say genetic because my earliest memories of my dad were of him mailing SEVERAL letters, entering sweepstakes of all kinds. He rarely won anything, but he persisted.

Well, I have the same ‘bug’. However, a really big difference between my dad’s participation in sweepstakes and mine is that I prefer my participation to be totally free (i.e. no postage stamps needed). Thanks to the internet, that’s very much a possibility.

As of late, I’ve been searching for an iPod Touch to give to my wife. So, I typed ‘iPod Touch Sweepstakes’ into a search engine and out popped a lot of results.

The best promising site to date has not only sweepstakes for an iPod Touch, but for numerous other prizes, including an iPad, Nintendo Wii, and gift cards. The bonus feature of this site is that if you sign up using my referral code and you win, then I win the item too!! So, if you’re in to winning cool stuff, sign up with the link below. Thanks!

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Posted by on August 21, 2010 in sweepstakes


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