Cancer update #4

01 Sep

Today was my mom’s scheduled day for surgery. Yesterday, she went in to the doc’s to have something injected into her lymph nodes. This was done to apparently help with taking pictures of the cancer. My mom jokingly said that the nuclear substance won’t make her glow in the dark.

My brother, Paul, took my mom in for surgery this morning. Scheduled start time was 11am, but it was apparently delayed a bit. The doctor informed Paul that they were going to take out all the cancer and a bit of the surrounding area as well. Tests would be done on the surrounding area both during and after the procedure. The results from the surgery was that the surrounding area was not cancerous (a VERY good sign!), however final results will not be available for another few days. As it stands right now, only the lump was cancerous.

Right now, my mom is home, resting. She already has sent family members an email updating her progress…saying that she won’t be able to give out hugs for a few weeks. You got to love that she can still crack a joke!!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers!! Though the surgery is done, there is still a long road ahead. As always, I’ll update as I know more.

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