Black Friday 2010

29 Oct

It’s not even November and I’m psyched about Black Friday!! There’s something about getting a bargain for products that really gets me going. What? A guy that wants to shop? In this case…absolutely. As I explain to people, Black Friday isn’t a normal shopping day for guys…it’s a mission. We see an ad, we plan a strategy & route the day’s travel. It’s a great feeling until someone strays off the plan & decides to browse even to someone that doesn’t enjoy large, compact crowds.

There are many tips that I could share, but at this point I’ll share something that my wife & I did a few years ago. One of the stores that we went to early in the morning was Kohl’s.

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This is one of my wife’s favorite stores but one of my least favorite. To me, clothing stores aren’t what Black Friday is all about. However, this store is a very popular place to get some amazing deals. In fact, every time we’ve walked in the store on Black Friday, the 2 lines wrap all the way to the back of the store. So here’s what we did:  since many stores make cell signals almost obsolete, we brought along a pair of walkie-talkies. My wife took one and went about the store ‘shopping’. I took the other and started waiting in line. I didn’t have a single item to purchase or get a good deal on, but my mission for that store was being able to get out when we wanted with the products that we wanted. While I waited, my wife would page me with purchase possibilities. When my place in line was about 5 minutes from the cashiers, I radioed my wife and she soon appeared to join me in line. I’m not sure if anyone in line really minded that we did that…in fact I think many thought ‘why didn’t I think of that?’.

So, we’re about a month away from Black Friday, but I wanted to link you to my Black Friday ad folder. I get these pdfs from (you can too…but sometimes they’ll post an ad, then be forced to take it down from a potential lawsuit…but that doesn’t mean that I have to!!!) and will add them when they become available (so keep the link handy, as I won’t be posting the link after every ad is added). Right now, there aren’t many good deals yet but we’re just getting warmed up. I fully expect the Sears ad to become available very shortly (I had it for about a full month before Black Friday last year). Unfortunately, some stores like Walmart have sent letters saying that they’ll sue anyone that posts their ad before an allotted time. Last year, that threat was dropped once the ad was leaked ahead of schedule (something that may happen again this year, but don’t expect it till the week of Thanksgiving).

Have fun!!

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