I’m finding that this blog…

13 Nov

is getting some strange hits. With WordPress, I can literally track how many people have visited the site, what pages were viewed, what links were clicked & how people came to my blog. On top of that, WordPress gives me the option to moderate comments before they’re published…and apparently that’s a good thing. Recently, after posting my post about why I don’t drink alcohol, I started getting a bunch of comments. WordPress thought that they were spam comments (which, is kind of a foreign thing to me). They looked ok enough to approve them…and I did. And then, more came in…with really strange comments that had nothing to do with the post. So, I’ve started to be a bit more stingy of what’s approved. Here’s my criteria:

  1. A comment must sound like it’s coming from a human.
  2. A comment should be written in English and should be in complete sentences…or close to it.
  3. A comment should reference something that’s talked about in the post (i.e. if the post is about the Blackhawks, the comment should not be thanking me for my post about AIDS).
I think that these are reasonable ‘rules’, right? Any other suggestions from more experienced bloggers?
On another note, I’ve been REALLY tempted to change the look of the blog. WordPress is constantly dishing out new themes and one of their latest looks to be pretty neat. It has LOADS of functionality and has many options too. The biggest beef I’ve had to changing to any new theme is that WordPress doesn’t seem to make it so that you can have the choice to make the frames of tables viewable or not. This option is in some themes and not in others, which makes things REALLY frustrating if you’re using Live Writer to write blog posts. Oh well.
Good night all!
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Posted by on November 13, 2010 in blog, Day-to-Day


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