Working out…again.

13 Nov

It seems that my ‘working out’ spells are fairly inconsistent. I’ll start an exercise program one week and then something will come up where I’m off if for a while after that. This time around I was ‘off’ it for almost 2 months, as you can see from my Workout page. What got me ‘off’ this time was a brand new TV season. Typically, I would go to work every day, come home and then exercise. But because many of the shows I like to watch start at 7pm, I stopped exercising.

Well, no more. I decided to move the Wii downstairs & wake up early to exercise every morning. I use EA Active to exercise rather than going to the gym because I feel I get a better workout. Sure, the gym has more equipment, but I can move from one exercise to another pretty fast and not have to wait in line for a machine of my liking (not that when I was using Esporta that that ever happened…I’ve just heard that negative issue come about when talking about gyms). I will probably use Esporta (which, my location has changed it’s name to LA Fitness) during the winter months when we’re snowed-in at work and it would take me 3+ hours to drive home. Why sit in traffic when you can get a decent workout/swim and then have no traffic on the way home after the plows have cleared the streets, right?

I will say one thing, I’m pretty excited about the new EA Active, which comes out in a mere DAYS!!! EA Active 2 is a lot like the 1st one that I’m using, but looks SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Image via Wikipedia

The best looking feature is that it has a heart rate monitor, so that you can more accurately gage the calorie burn (something that really concerned me with the 1st game, as I’d compare what the heart rate monitor I own said I burned versus what the game said I burned…they were WAY off!!!). The picture I have here is of what my heart rate monitor currently looks like. Yes, I have to put on a chest strap to accurately gage my heart rate…and it’s a bit annoying at first, but eventually you don’t even notice it…until you’re done exercising and have to pull it off your sweating body. Ewwwww.

The past few days (after I started working out again) have been…well…in a word: painful. I haven’t been able to walk correctly, due to the burn in my thighs thanks to the 2 intense workouts from EA Active. Yesterday was a “rest” day, but I was still FEELING it!! This morning isn’t as bad, and I think my pain will subside soon. I hope this doesn’t detour you from wanting to exercise…it can be fun & is SOOOO good for you too (do I REALLY need to say that?).

Time to start the day. Good morning all!!

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