Isn’t it always tempting…

04 Dec

when you’re looking for good Christmas present deals for family & friends and you run across something that’s on your wishlist that’s deeply discounted? Hugely tempting to go ahead and buy it for yourself, right? Such is the case for me right now.

I was going through the list of good deals on (where I also get my Black Friday ads from) and saw that EA Sports Active 2 (something I’ve talked about before here) is on sale at Walmart…BIG TIME!!! Regularly $99.96, it’s been discounted $40 to $59.96!! Needless to say, I deleted the old entry on my Amazon Wish List and added the new link from Walmart. After all, I do want it, but I don’t want anyone to break the bank in order to get it for me.

On the other hand…if I don’t get it this Christmas via presents, the discount may be gone by the time I’m able to purchase it. See what I mean about tempting??  🙂

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