Milestone alert!!

07 Dec
EA Sports Active

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Ok, so it’s not that urgent, but I just wanted to report that I finished my 1st 30-day challenge on the Wii EA Active. That’s right…completed 20 days of workouts in less than 30 days (EA Active wants you to work out for 2 days and then rest on the 3rd, but I decided to workout on the 3rd or even 4th day in a row so that I could take part in Black Friday. After all, rushing around on BF is hard enough…imagine trying to get a workout in BEFORE that!!).

I’ve been using the ‘medium’ setting for all my workouts thus far, so for my next 30-day challenge, maybe I step it up to the ‘hard’ level? I’ll have to think about that, as the medium has been plenty hard some days. Then again, other days (such as yesterday) are relatively easy. I do want to let you know that all my reported calorie losses and workout times vary because of the workout regime that’s pre-set by the game…so it’s not because I didn’t ‘bring it’ that day.

I do kind of wish that I weighed myself before and after this 30-day challenge, but I do feel as though I’ve gained a lot of muscle, especially in my upper body. I still feel like I have a ways to go before I’m officially ‘there’ but I’m on the right track I think.

Have a great day everyone!

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