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07 Dec
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[Please note that this post has been updated here.]

So today I dove head-first into Skydrive, thinking that I’d use it primarily for work. After all, 25 gb worth of free storage just screams for storage of media files, right? Well, after some playing (because I couldn’t find a tutorial online), I was finally able to use Skydrive to host photos, and be able to view them within a WordPress post or page. Better still, I was able to create a streaming file (still hosted on Skydrive) and have it appear in a WordPress blog or page as the simple audio player, talked about in WordPress’ tutorial on adding audio to posts (I’d link you to it, but then they’d be aware of this post).

So why the fuss? Simple…storage. FREE storage. As most WordPress users are aware (if you click the “Upgrades” link under the Dashboard), 25 gb of data storage will cost you $89.97…per year!! What I’m doing will save you that. So…here we go!

First, you’ll need a Skydrive account. If you have a Hotmail email address or a Windows Live Messenger ID, you can log in with that info.

Once logged in, you’ll see that there are a bunch of folders already created for you. Now you can organize them just about any way you like, including adding several subfolders…as I’ve done below. Take note that since you’re attempting to have these photos available to the world through your blog, you’ll want to create these subfolders under the “Public” folder.

Once you’re in the folder that you want to upload your files into, click “Add Files”. You can then search for the files you want to upload or just drag & drop them in.

Once all the files are uploaded, hit Continue.

Lastly (and this is the tricky part), you’ll need to get the web address of the picture you just uploaded. After you hit Continue (the step above), you’ll be given a list of the files that are in the folder you just uploaded files into. Click on the one that you want to get the web address from. If it’s a picture, the picture will open up within Skydrive. In the “Information” section, there are a bunch of stats about the file, including a place where they’ve given you “Web address” and “Embed” links. Neither of these will work with WordPress. What you need to do is right-click the photo and select “Copy Shortcut”.

Now that you’ve got the right web address, in WordPress, select the “Add an image” icon, select the “From URL” tab, and paste the link in the “Image URL” box. You can then edit the size of the picture as you would normally do. Ta-da!!

By the way…the pictures in this ‘tutorial’ are all hosted on Skydrive, but linked to this post…just so you know that it works.

As for the audio part…complete all the steps as above. Instead of clicking “Add an image” icon, type the following into the “Visual” tab:
“[“”audio”” “PasteTheWebAddressHere””]” without all the quotes. Note that there is a space in between “audio” and the audio’s web address. This will give you a streaming audio file from Skydrive, instead of a link to download the file.

While I’m very new at this, this is the way that I’ve found that works for me. If there are shortcuts, please comment below. I will have to see if Skydrive will work with posting photos in a slideshow…at this point, it appears as though it cannot.


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5 responses to “Using Skydrive in WordPress

  1. Ludwig Keck

    December 11, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    For another post on this subject, oriented toward the less experienced blogger see:

    • ChicagolandTim

      December 11, 2010 at 6:31 pm


      Thanks for visiting! I think I found your post before creating mine about Skydrive, but I ran into issues because I don’t have Windows Live Photo Gallery. After a quick search, it appears that I couldn’t follow your tutorial anyway, as Photo Gallery is only available for Vista and Windows 7 operating systems (I’m currently on XP). Also, for my needs, I want to be able to stream audio (as my tutorial covers). It’s a tough task, to be sure…it should be simpler and I’m sure someone (maybe even Live Writer) will develop shortcuts so that everything is in one program…fingers crossed! But as for now, I’m just glad that there’s even one way to get what we want done…done (even if it’s a little complicated).

      Quick question though…have you been able to do a slideshow with the photos hosted on Skydrive? That would be interesting to see happen.

  2. Ludwig Keck

    December 11, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    Yes, slide shows of photos in a SkyDrive album can be shown as a slide show. Unfortunately that only works in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. It does not work in Opera or Safari, there it just takes you to the album. I have mentioned this in a couple of posts and it is demonstrated on my gallery page, , and in the side bar on the home page,
    At one time, I think in late summer, the SkyDrive slide show did work in Opera for a short time. Then it stopped working and has not worked since. To do the slide show, go to the SkyDrive album of interest (in IE) start the slide show. Get the address from the address bar. Try it. Note: slide shows from Flickr and Shutterfly work in all browsers (at least the ones I tested).

    • ChicagolandTim

      December 12, 2010 at 11:56 pm


      What I meant was being able to put in a post on WordPress a slideshow, referencing photos hosted on Skydrive. I’ve tried linking the Skydrive slideshow onto a post and it doesn’t work (I’m on Chrome). At best, I think I could hyperlink text to send people to Skydrive to view the slideshow, but not put it within a WordPress page or post, as I’ve done here.

  3. Ludwig Keck

    December 13, 2010 at 10:50 am

    Sorry Tim, I did not point out that playing a SkyDrive slide show in a post does not work. What I have done it to include one of the images with a hyperlink on it to the slide show. It requires a click to see the slides. Not as neat as the way Spaces used to display slide shows.


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