Workout update

10 Dec
EA Sports Active

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For those wondering, I’ve chosen to try to increase my workouts by putting the EA Sports Active on it’s highest setting: high intensity. As you can see from the past two days so far, it increases the time spent on exercises as well as increases how many calories you burn. For example, today I did an exercise called “kickups, short”. In the medium intensity that may mean switching between fast and slow kickups every .25 lap around the track for about 1.5 laps. High intensity means doing a full lap (no stopping) of fast kickups. If you don’t know what a kickup is…well…I’ll let you experience that fun on your own. Let’s just say it was a big surprise the first time I had to do a full lap of fast kickups!!

Don’t worry though…I’m not quitting (though my body feels like it is!). Just another hard day of getting towards my goal.

Have a great day everyone! And get out (or stay in) and exercise!! You can do it!

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