Happy New Year!

01 Jan

2011 is here! Whether you call it twenty-eleven or two thousand eleven…it’s a new year. People often make ‘New Year’s resolutions’, only to break them shortly thereafter (sometimes as early as 24 hours from making them).

Kutless (album)

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Instead, how about making a New Year’s…vow. My favorite band, Kutless, has a song that tackles this:


Another year has come and gone but nothings changed
I’ve wasted another year doing the same old things
I want to break out of this and turn my life around
I’m going to make a vow to repent an turn to you.

I’m crying out to you now as I make my new years vow
I’ll tell you I love you and I’ll honor you somehow
Hear my promise to you in this new years vow I give
You all of me
You’ll be all of my life and I’ll never think twice to
do all that you have for me
In my new years vow

Lord I’ll do my best to do, all that I say
I’m not perfect but I know, that’s OK
If I stumble you won’t condemn my shame
I’m going to make a vow to repent an turn to you


Its a new year this year is different
From the other ones…


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One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. Christina Thurairatnam

    January 1, 2011 at 8:49 am

    Happy New Year, Tim!

    I don’t usually make personal resolutions anymore after years of failing to keep them! The only resolution I’ve kept in recent years is the decision to write down the names of the books I read as part of my job as a librarian. I’ve been successfully doing that for two years now.

    I like the concept of the New Year’s Vow better. The word resolution has a strong meaning behind it but after years of casual use by people now it is almost a joke to see our list of good intentions that we can’t possibly keep.


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