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07 Jan

I heard on the evening news something that really troubled me. Back in November, one of the election races in Illinois was for Governor. The incumbent (due to the previous Governor being impeached) won the election, even though he ran on a campaign of raising state income taxes. At the time, he said a 1% state income tax hike. Last night, we were told that what’s being proposed is a 2.25% state income tax hike.

This is nuts. When will democrats figure this out? Biting the hand that feeds you is no way to run a business…or a state. Just like what happened in California and New York, when taxes were raised, people who were able to fled to a state that either didn’t have state income taxes or had lower taxes than what they had. If this is passed in Illinois, you can expect the same results (no, I’m not saying that I’ll move…but it will that much tougher not to want to). For those of you counting, fewer people in Illinois also equates to less money being obtained from income taxes. Taking this into account, wouldn’t the wise thing be to decrease taxes instead to attract people to the state? Common sense, right?

After that glorious news, we were told that the lawmakers in Springfield are also considering to do away with the death penalty on a permanent basis. Wow. Well…I guess it makes sense, seeing as there won’t be anyone left to sentence to die in Illinois since everyone is going to move due to the tax rate hike.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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