Using Skydrive in WordPress, revised

08 Jan
A month ago, I wrote a post on how to use SkyDrive in WordPress posts and pages. What I didn’t know at that time was that Skydrive does something to eliminate the possibility of hosting files for the purpose of streaming them to websites and blogs. I didn’t figure this out until I tried to update my work’s blog with streaming music. To verify it, I looked to my own blog and discovered that even my tutorial was failing in places because of this. How frustrating!!
But don’t fret friends! In my search to uncover a solution, I ran into Tim Acheson. I found a blog post of his that explained that he had created an API that stabilizes the links from Skydrive, so that you can use them to stream music, and yes, pictures. I’ve updated the tutorial below with the correct url addresses, so that all the photos should work (please let me know if they don’t). As most of these images are cached on my computer, I have to reload (not refresh) my page to make sure that the links work correctly. Since it’s kind of a trade secret, please contact Tim Acheson to find out exactly what links to use.
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So today I dove head-first into Skydrive, thinking that I’d use it primarily for work. After all, 25 gb worth of free storage just screams for storage of media files, right? Well, after some playing (because I couldn’t find a tutorial online), I was finally able to use Skydrive to host photos, and be able to view them within a WordPress post or page. Better still, I was able to create a streaming file (still hosted on Skydrive) and have it appear in a WordPress blog or page as the simple audio player, talked about in WordPress’ tutorial on adding audio to posts (I’d link you to it, but then they’d be aware of this post).

So why the fuss? Simple…storage. FREE storage. As most WordPress users are aware (if you click the “Upgrades” link under the Dashboard), 25 gb of data storage will cost you $89.97…per year!! What I’m doing will save you that. So…here we go!

First, you’ll need a Skydrive account. If you have a Hotmail email address or a Windows Live Messenger ID, you can log in with that info.

Once logged in, you’ll see that there are a bunch of folders already created for you. Now you can organize them just about any way you like, including adding several subfolders…as I’ve done below. Take note that since you’re attempting to have these photos available to the world through your blog, you’ll want to create these subfolders under the “Public” folder.

Once you’re in the folder that you want to upload your files into, click “Add Files”. You can then search for the files you want to upload or just drag & drop them in.

Once all the files are uploaded, hit Continue.

Lastly (and this is the tricky part), you’ll need to get the web address of the picture you just uploaded. After you hit Continue (the step above), you’ll be given a list of the files that are in the folder you just uploaded files into. Click on the one that you want to get the web address from. If it’s a picture, the picture will open up within Skydrive. In the “Information” section, there are a bunch of stats about the file, including a place where they’ve given you “Web address” and “Embed” links. Neither of these will work with WordPress. What you need to do is right-click the photo and select “Copy Shortcut”.

Now that you’ve got the right web address, in WordPress, select the “Add an image” icon, select the “From URL” tab, and paste the link in the “Image URL” box. You can then edit the size of the picture as you would normally do. Ta-da!!

By the way…the pictures in this ‘tutorial’ are all hosted on Skydrive, but linked to this post…just so you know that it works.

As for the audio part…complete all the steps as above. Instead of clicking “Add an image” icon, type the following into the “Visual” tab:
“[“”audio”” “PasteTheWebAddressHere””]” without all the quotes. Note that there is a space in between “audio” and the audio’s web address. This will give you a streaming audio file from Skydrive, instead of a link to download the file.

While I’m very new at this, this is the way that I’ve found that works for me. If there are shortcuts, please comment below. I will have to see if Skydrive will work with posting photos in a slideshow…at this point, it appears as though it cannot.


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4 responses to “Using Skydrive in WordPress, revised

  1. edgrimly

    July 26, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    It looks like Skydrive has once again been revised and this no longer works… They probably want to clamp down on people that have actually found ways to make their products useful…

    • ChicagolandTim

      July 26, 2011 at 3:12 pm

      It looks like you’re right! I’ll have to look into it again, as I haven’t really played with it for a while (not posting anything on WordPress for a while either). Thanks for letting me know!

  2. xlinefool

    May 20, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    There is no “Copy Shortcut” option any more. Are u still using SKydrive in WordPress?

    • ChicagolandTim

      May 28, 2012 at 9:12 pm


      Hmmm…interesting. Skydrive must have made some changes. They’ve done it before…guess they’ve done it again. I’m not blogging as much as I probably should, so I haven’t used my Skydrive account in quite some time. I found that although it has a LOT of free space, it’s rather difficult to use…unlike Dropbox. Dropbox makes linking files REALLY easy, whether you’re using the desktop version or the online method. I will, however, try to update my Skydrive instructions when I find a spare minute (which may be weeks, if not months). Thanks for dropping by!


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