EA Sports Active More Workouts

09 Jan

Today, I had my first exercise workout with EA Sports Active More Workouts (which I’m nicknaming EA Active 1.5). I got this as a Christmas present from my brother and sister-in-law a few weeks back, but haven’t tried it yet as I was in the middle of a workout routine from EA Active 1.0.

Initial thoughts so far…

1) Stretching before and after exercising is new. Oddly enough, they still count calories burned during the stretching to your total.

2) Most of the exercises (except 1) were new, so I had to watch the instructional videos, which slowed down my pace. With time, that’ll change.

3) One of the exercises, the obstacle course, can be difficult…as it combines multiple exercises into one challenge. I can see this one being a tough exercise on the hard intensity.

4) Loved the boxing/sparing difference. This one mixes things up quite a bit.

5) Had my first exercise that focused on my mid-section, something I’ve been dieing to tackle. 1.0 didn’t have any exercises that did that. I will admit that in doing so, I needed to find more floor space in order to lie down flat.

6) 1.5’s workouts are over a 6 week time frame, while 1.0’s was over 30 days. As I’ve been basically working out pretty consistently the past 2 months, I don’t expect that to be an issue…it just means that I’ll have to wait longer to try 2.0.

Overall, so far so good.

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