I’m still here

12 Feb

For some reason I haven’t really felt like I needed to post anything as of late. Oddly enough, I’ve had plenty of things that I could’ve blogged about…such as the events in Egypt, the State of the Union address or the blizzard that hit us, leaving 20 or so inches behind.

So, to give you the Cliff Notes version of a Reader’s Digest (aka, VERY short)…

A. I’m still alive…got a tad sick a few weeks ago, which made me miss a concert I was REALLY hoping to go to.

B. Work has been slow, but has gained a lot of momentum in the last week.

C. I received a notice in the mail that I’m to appear for Jury Duty on Tuesday…in Chicago (which means I have to drive to a train station, pay a parking fee, pay for a train ticket, ride a train into Chicago and finally walk about a mile to where I’m to potentially serve…round trip it’ll cost $11.25/day). We’ll see if I get picked.

D. Valentine’s Day is Monday, but we celebrated today…it was great!!

E. My workouts have been intense at times. While I feel stronger, I don’t feel as though any much weight has come off. You can track my progress here.

That’s about all from Chicagoland!

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Posted by on February 12, 2011 in blog, Day-to-Day


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