Where have I been?

25 Apr

So, it’s been a while since my last post…and that’s totally my fault. I really haven’t had much umpf to put a spectacular post together (not that my previous posts are all that good, but that I do put a much greater deal of effort into a lot of my previous posts). I can blame it on being busy…but then again there are a TON of busier people out there that are maintaining their blogs, so I guess I really can’t use that excuse.

I guess, it just came down to not really wanting to post anything.

I’m sure what didn’t help is when I stopped working out a while back. In so doing, the blog became one of the farthest things to think about in my mind. I justified it with one of a few reasons:

1) Those that know me are Facebook friends, so I can just update my Facebook status.

2) Those that don’t know me and visit my blog are typically looking for how to use Skydrive in WordPress. It’s hard to believe but those 2 posts that I made have generated about 95% of my blog traffic. About 4% is traffic from spammers. The remaining 1% is from legit people.

All that to say this…I’m not making a re-commitment to blogging more, but rather letting you know that I am still alive. In fact, I’m in the midst of training to run a 5K…which would be my 1st one ever! I just ran 2.0 miles yesterday and the race is a little over a month away (June 4th), so I’ve got a little time to get prepared. Please be praying!

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