I’m starting to notice…

21 Feb

that my blog posts are becoming more and more topical…like I have to have one particular subject to write about and then write at length about it. However, when I started this blog, my intent was to talk write about what was going on in my life. Boy, have I drifted from that!!

I think one of the reasons that I haven’t done that is the fear that my identity will be stolen or that my safety or the safety of loved ones will be compromised. It’s a pretty freaky thing to find out that someone has stolen your identity…wifester and I know that feeling all to well when we found out that someone has stolen our credit card identity and began to rack up $600+ on our credit card. Fortunately, the credit card company flagged it and called me to verify that the charges were legit.

So, with cautious optimism, I’ll begin to start sharing my life…for whoever cares. My hope is that I can share pictures too, if my Skydrive account will function the way I want it to. Judging by how many people still seem to visit this blog for Skydrive tips, I’d say Skydrive is working. I’ll have to revisit Skydrive to see if anything has changed, otherwise Dropbox may become my new online storage friend (it is really cool, btw). Check out this post to discover more about up to 5GB of free storage on Dropbox.

Till next time…

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