No Left Turn

25 Feb

No, this isn’t a politically motivated post. Rather, it’s in response to something I’ve been seeing on a daily basis going to and coming from work that has frustrated me to no apparent end.

Let me explain.

Map picture

A little over 2 years ago, construction began at the intersection of York Rd. and Clearwater Dr. to build a few businesses (mainly a LA Fitness). With the new businesses being built, the city decided that the intersection could use a stoplight, as Clearwater Dr. only had a stop sign to direct traffic.

Soon after the stoplight and buildings were constructed, a rather weak little sign was posted at the entrance to the parking lot of LA Fitness: a No Left Turn sign. Unfortunately, the wind was able to whip it around quite a bit and there wasn’t much obedience to this sign.

A few weeks ago, the city finally stepped up and posted a more permanent sign, dug into the ground like most other street signs are (on the right side of the road). Of course, one wonders the reasoning behind such a sign. After all, people need a way to get IN to the parking lot somehow. Ah…but there’s another entrance (actually two others). Thinking it through, the reasoning behind not being allowed to turn left is a safety issue. See, the entrance to the LA Fitness parking lot is about 100 feet (maybe less) west of the Clearwater Dr./York Rd. intersection. What could potentially happen (if drivers WERE allowed to turn left into the lot) is a backup onto York Rd (a much busier road than Clearwater) due to a line of cars (traveling east on Clearwater) that are stopped at the light, blocking the entrance to the parking lot.

Fast forward to the present…the last week, as I’ve come to and from work, I’ll see upwards of 5 vehicles ignore the (now) 2 No Left Turn signs and turn into the lot. I’ve even gone as far as attempting to block these law breakers with my vehicle, only for them to turn behind my vehicle and honk at me as though I’m the one in the wrong (meanwhile, I’m pointing at the posted No Left Turn sign). I’ve also emailed the chief of police about the situation, only for him to reply to contact the police department. Oi.

Have you run into a situation like this…where injustice runs rampant? What did you do? What were the results?

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