Kutless’ new album, Believer, part 1

18 Mar

Over the past few years, I’ve grown to really love the music from a band called Kutless. Before them, I would listen to a mix of the Newsboys, David Crowder Band, dcTalk, Audio Adrenaline and a few others that really didn’t make it past their first album. Kutless caught my attention with a song called ‘Sea of Faces’ when I heard it on KLove. I liked it enough to buy their album and was a bit surprised at how aggressive their music…and their lyrics…are. I bought the rest of the albums that they made previously and experienced their progression. These guys are simply amazing.

Of course, each subsequent album I’ve been all over them as they’ve been released…even the praise & worship albums, which, in my opinion, are the best available. While they don’t add much lyrically to the p & w albums, they give their unique spin on the music that makes it pure Kutless.

At the end of February, their newest album (can I still call it an album?) ‘Believer’ was released. Wow…what a SOLID album!! It’s been my experience that a given album might have 12 or so total tracks and maybe 3 or 4 are really good tracks (of course, the artists who sing these tracks will probably disagree). Not the case with this album!! From the first track (‘If it ends today’) to the last track (current radio single ‘Carry me to the cross’), I find myself wanting to repeat just about every track because I just can’t get enough!!


So that you can experience what I’m talking about, I’ll let you listen to a few of the tracks, over a few posts. Here’s the 1st track, ‘If it ends today’

Seems like the end is coming
Seems like the signs are lining up
As far as I can see
We’re closer now than ever
This pain won’t last forever
Love love is on His way
So stand up the time is now to lift up your head

Raise your hands if you’re with me
Raise your hands if your ready
Say hey! hey! I’m not afraid
Hey! hey! hey! If it ends today

There’s hope on our horizon
Let it be the sound that’s rising up
It’s rising up
We could be the generation
To shout out to every nation
Love love is on His way


Get ready, are you ready? (I’m ready!) get ready
Raise your hands if you’re with me
Raise your hands come on and say
Hey! hey! I’m not afraid
Hey! hey! hey! if it ends today

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Posted by on March 18, 2012 in Day-to-Day, Music


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