Our journey towards a good night’s sleep, part 2

21 Apr

A full week after beginning this journey toward what we hoped would be a better night’s sleep, we’re not much closer to finding the solution for us. We are, however, sure that the ‘My Pillow’ pillows aren’t for us.

I started out on the ‘My Pillow’ the night they arrived. They are a bit strange in how they arrive (see picture from previous post) and instruct us to put the pillow in the dryer for 15 minutes to allow it to expand fully…which it did. While appearing fluffy, it felt anything but. In fact, to me, it felt like I was sleeping on stacked, folded jeans (denim)…firm and I guess supportive, but not very soft. I had a very difficult time getting to sleep the week that I used it and woke up SEVERAL times during the night. I was drowsy most of the day due to lack of continuous sleep. I also noticed that my neck was stiffer in the morning too. I stopped using it after 7 nights of attempts.

Wifester attempted to use her pillow a few days after I started (remember, I had the green and she had the yellow due to her being a stomach sleeper). Her theory being that she wanted to start something new on a weekend and not during the work week. I can respect that. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t get through one night before she HAD to switch back to her old pillow(s). She tried the night after to see if it was a fluke…no fluke…same thing happened. Since then, she hasn’t used it.

The only beneficial thing is that ‘My Pillow’ has a 60 day money back guarantee…something I will attempt to take advantage of and report back on how smoothly that process takes. Since the pillows came in one box tightly wrapped, I imagine getting them back in that box will take some doing.

As for the bed topper, it’s still airing out. The smell did linger for a few days after we opened it up fully. We hope to take off the winter flannel sheets today and before putting on the cotton sheets, lay down the bed topper. I’m a tad concerned about which way to lay it down (bumpy side up or down?), but I guess if one way isn’t feeling good, we can just as easily swap it. Stay tuned!!

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