Wrong place, wrong subject

27 Jul

I know I haven’t posted here in a while, and I apologize, however I’ve been a tad busy. For those that aren’t a friend of mine on Facebook, I’ve recently become a father!! My son, Elijah David was born on June 20th at 8:18 pm. It’s a VERY long story…but a good one, as I believe it’s one that clearly demonstrates God giving us a trial so that we could rely upon Him for all people involved to be healed. Before I get to that though, something has been weighing on my heart as of late that I’d like to address now.

During our stay at the hospital, we were visited by one of my older brothers. A topic was raised that was brought up at Thanksgiving the year before: abortion. Yeah, that’s right…talking about abortion in the hospital while looking at my son in the NICU of all places. What surprised me was that he was FOR it…and not just for other people. He implied that if he and his wife got pregnant again (they have 2 boys) that it would be an option to consider.


I know I just became a father, but I have a hard time understanding what would make a man want to kill an unborn child…it just blows my mind. To think that someone would want to harm an innocent, defenseless child, in their most vulnerable place (the womb) is just beyond cruel in my mind. What reason could one possibly give to justify this brutal act?? Ah…because they’re ‘older’. I can understand not wanting to have more children after a certain age, but there are ways to ‘fix’ the situation without having anyone killed.

To make matters worse (again, in my mind), is that my brother is a Christian (as am I). I have not asked him this but I’d LOVE to hear his justification for abortion, using scripture. I mean, if you’re a follower of Christ, you follow his instructions found in scripture…is that too big of a leap to assume? While I don’t see any justification for abortion, I do see messages of responsibility…of love…of remaining under the trial that God has allowed.

The book of James even says to “Count it all joy…when you meet trials of various kinds”. Why joy? Well, I like to think that when you experience a trial, God has His focus on you…to see what you’ll do…if you’re up to the challenge so-to-speak. That ought to make you feel kinda special. I mean, there are billions of people on this planet and He chose you with this particular trial. James goes on to say that the trial is to test your faith to produce steadfastness…so that you may be “perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” We see this in sports all the time. While we’ll see the final product on TV, what you don’t see is the countless hours of painstaking practice, strength training and other assorted tasks that athletes must go through so that they can even GET to the final stage.

I did end up telling my brother that life is precious and that any attempt to take this life away is inhumane. I also told him that at some point in our lives, we either have to trust God with everything that we have or not. Why is it so easy to say that God is God in church, but so hard to say that outside of church? Is recognizing Jesus as Savior easier than acknowledging Him as Lord of our life?

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