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Sticks & Stones

Sticks & stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

You’ve heard the above saying, right? As children, we’ve had this mantra drilled into our heads…to the point where we start to believe it…and then question the ones who taught us this saying when reality says the opposite. Let’s dispel the lie right now by saying: names do hurt.

I’ve experienced this first-hand at my high school. I was made fun of and called two names (to my face, that is. Who knows how many others were created and used behind my back). One was because of a science project I did. The other was because of my athletic ability combined with my strict adherence to the gym uniform. Let me make this clear…I hated both names. I made this known to the ones that called me these names…but they kept doing it. You’d figure that this level of bullying wouldn’t occur at a Christian school…but you’d be wrong. You’d figure that you’d be safe from being called these names from a teacher at the same Christian school…but you’d again be wrong. It was tough sometimes to make it through the day.

For those that are familiar with my situation, this is why I chose to sit out a few seasons of playing basketball for the school. It’s hard to play with people that are your “teammates” on the court and then make fun of you once you step off the court.

It was a simpler time then. Much simpler than today. In fact, if you turn on the news you may discover a case where cyber bullying of a young girl by two classmates led the girl to commit suicide. In a strange case of media mimicking reality, last night’s episode of Blue Bloods had a case where a girl committed suicide because her brother was cyber bullying her. Texting, You Tube, Facebook & the rest of the internet has made cyber bullying possible…turning what was a small private shame into humiliation on steroids.

To make matters worse, our so-called ‘leaders’ are guilty of the same name-calling tactics. This was put on display for all to see when the US government was “shut down” and nearing it’s debt ceiling. How many times did we see the blame game for who was at fault? It was sickening…you guys are adults, right? But then, democratic “leaders” took it to a whole new level by calling some of the Tea Party congressmen “terrorists”. Ok, this is why it took so long to get a deal done…just like how I didn’t want to play with people that called me names in high school, the same could be said about the Republican party playing “nice” with the democrats.

The name calling hurts…STOP IT!!!

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